Life-changing feedback on TM from a new student

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Dear All

Please see below some beautiful, life-changing feedback from a new student:

Sent from my iPad Hi, it’s great to do TM! I am beginning to feel like I am finding my place in the world. Something I have always struggled with, all my life. I feel more anchored, and it have a better relationship with my body, so I do not feel like I’m aimlessly floating about, constantly putting things, ( like food and tobacco) into it. I am also begging to value myself, and when I meditate, everything is very still, so I feel at peace, with myself and the universe, and I can easily just ‘Be’. The first occasion I did TM, I felt as though a great big weight had been lifted from my body, and I immediately felt very light! A deep inner healing prossess of body and mind started to take place. I also feel like I’m looking forward to the rest of my life, rather than dreading the future, and thinking that I have a future, rather than thinking ‘is this it?’ And feeling like my life is over! Things have got a whole lot better since I started to do TM! Thank u, dorigen.

Life-changing feedback on TM from a new student

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