Stephen S. who has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder says TM has helped him with anxiety

I was really pleased to hear from Stephen how well he is getting on with his meditation and asked him if I could quote him. Michael Stephen says: “I’m really pleased with how the meditation is changing my life. I’m … Continue reading

Stephen Z says

Dear Michael, Just thought I would let you know that although I have practised TM for only 6 weeks I feel so much better. The constant self-doubt has almost totally disappeared, leaving me more confidant in all I do. I … Continue reading

Richard K’s Feedback on our weekend retreat

Dear Lesley and Michael I want you to know that I found the course enormously beneficial – more even than I had expected. I feel far calmer now than I would this length of time after a normal holiday – … Continue reading

New Feedback for Students

I am delighted to post some new feedback for our students. After just 10 days of TM, Laura B said: I “start off feeling happy and calm”, my”concentration was slightly better”. Susan S said: I “feel energised.” “Calmer and more … Continue reading

Aiden Kelly’s Feedback On Our One Day TM Retreat

Michael, Thank you so very much for the day retreat last Sunday it was very good, I was actually so alert and alive on Monday I think I astonished some people ( it’s probably not my usual Monday demeanour). If … Continue reading

Beautiful feedback on Transcendental Meditation and mental health

Dear All I was moved to receive this beautiful feedback from a meditator who has had some mental health problems over the years: “I’m finding TM is amazing. I do not feel like I’m being mentally tortured anymore. My mind … Continue reading

Life-changing feedback on TM from a new student

Dear All Please see below some beautiful, life-changing feedback from a new student: Sent from my iPad Hi, it’s great to do TM! I am beginning to feel like I am finding my place in the world. Something I have … Continue reading

Di Churchill’s Experience Of Learning Transcendental Meditation

Di’s feedback after her TM course was as follows: Hello Lesley & Michael, Here is my feedback from my course.  1.   The location was fine for me as I drive and the parking was easy.   2.   I … Continue reading

Laura Dubiner says about learning TM

Being from Stanmore the course location was ideal for me. The instruction was clear and very good. Benefits from meditation are increased calmness and ability to cope with day-to-day challenges. It is a skill that you have for life. It … Continue reading

Student Adrian Cox says after learning TM:

“Today was the first time in a long time that I did an exam without feeling panicked.” – Adrian Cox

Martin Tyrell says about learning Transcendental Meditation….:

Martin Tyrell’s course feedback on learning Transcendental Meditation at North West London & Herts TM Centre: What benefits do you get from your meditation? Calmer, more organised and efficient. Is there anything else you would like to say? Relaxed talk … Continue reading

Clive Belman says:

How did you find the instruction? Was there any way in which it could have been improved? The instruction was excellent. Michael is , one can tell, passionate about T-M and is able to communicate his knowledge in an easy-going style. … Continue reading

Anne Nacamuli says:

What benefits do you get from your meditation? Less migraines and when they happen, they are less strong. Less insomnia. Less tired in the afternoons.

Callum Mannix says about learning TM

What benefits do you get from your meditation? It allows me the opportunity to take some time out and if I am feeling lethargic or tired. It really perks me up very quickly. I cannot think of anyone who cannot … Continue reading

Fiona Church -Lawyer – says about learning TM

“A sense of calm, it forced me to stop for 20 minutes.  After the meditation my productivity increased.”

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