Di Churchill’s Experience Of Learning Transcendental Meditation

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Di’s feedback after her TM course was as follows:

Hello Lesley & Michael,

Here is my feedback from my course. 

1.   The location was fine for me as I drive and the parking was easy.
2.   I thought the instruction was really good. Very clear and well explained. The diagrams made it especially clear (for those of us who are rather visual people!)
3.   Communication was good. Lesley always answered my calls, and emails. I also received the Newsletter emails once the ’email problem’ was sorted out. 
4. & 5.   The benefits have been enormous  for me and continue to improve, I have quietened  (to quote the book!)  the ‘bubble machine’ The constant processing, planning and thinking ahead that could be very disruptive and sometimes prevented me enjoying the ‘here and now’ of life.  I always felt such a sense of guilt if I did anything other that physical exercise for me own well being (strange that?)  I relish my meditation, the quiet time and space is soooooo healing!
6. I am happy for you to quote me.
Thank you both very much,
Di Churchill
International Property Consultant 
Di Churchill’s Experience Of Learning Transcendental Meditation

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