How Transcendental Meditation Can Help Overcome Insomnia

Sleep deprivation affects the vast majority of working individuals. Constant stress and hectic lifestyles lead to fewer hours of sleep, having a severe impact on cognitive abilities, immune system, and the overall quality of life.  According to statistics, insomnia is a big problem in Western countries.

The only way to interrupt the cycle of sleeplessness is to allow our mind and body achieve the state of relaxation and tranquillity. Transcendental Meditation is a powerful technique that can help us achieve inner calmness. Many people have reported that their overall quality of sleep has improved after practising Transcendental Meditation for a month. 

You don’t need to learn complex breathing techniques or yoga poses to start practising Transcendental Meditation. You just need to take a 20-minute break, sit in a comfortable position and chant a special mantra. Your meditation coach will help you choose the mantra that best suits you and resonates with your inner state. Doing Transcendental Meditation twice a day progressively relieves your body of tension, anxiety, and fatigue. As a result of meditation, your mind will achieve a peaceful state that will allow your body to fully relax and get a good night rest.

Sleep has been linked to lower heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and rhythm, oxygen uptake, and a drop in basal metabolic levels, resulting in a hypometabolic state. This hypometabolic condition is a normal and spontaneous result required for physical existence. Meditation induces a persistent hypometabolic state, which aids in the onset of sleep.  

Neurologists have discovered that practising TM inherently boosts serotonin, a chemical that is important in mood regulation and sleep-wake phases. Healthy concentration of serotonin is crucial for a comfortable sleep. The practise of TM also lowers the number of stress-related hormones that negatively affect different aspects of life, including sleep quality.

If you have a sleep disorder like insomnia, or lack of quality sleep, consider trying Transcendental Meditation. Experts at Transcendental Meditation North West London will help you choose your personal mantra and lead you on your path to peace and happiness.

How Transcendental Meditation Can Help Overcome Insomnia

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