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As I was looking at how to meditate in London I came across a variety of different opportunities. I was new to the technique and as I was searching I realised there were a number of different schools of thought and classes provided from the many different ancient traditions that guide you on how to meditate.

Living in London I wanted to find a local class that would be able to teach me the ropes on how to meditate. I found this place in the City that focuses on Tracendental Meditation founded by a man called Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I began to do some reading on the site and instantly became engaged in what it had to offer on how to meditate. The many testimonials I had read of peoples lives changed, relationships turned around and sudden leaps into success & wellbeing once introduced to the technique, had me clawing for more.

I called the number on the site 2 days hence and was introduced to a lovely man who would turn out to be my TM teacher that would teach me how to meditate.

I had innumerable questions for him, spurred on by recent delve into the interesting literature on his site and he seemed more than happy to answer every single one.

As I got off the phone to him I had booked my introductory lesson and was scheduled in within 3 days to learn how to meditate.

On the day of my initiation I travelled to the venue and was apprehensive yet excited about what was in store. Once I arrived I was welcomed in by the teacher and introduced to the other students who would be starting the initiation course on how to meditate along with me.

We were taken through 2 videos which introduced us to the founder Maharishi and listened in his own words all about the process.

We were given simple instructions on how to meditate and then lead into a small, peaceful room where we sat quietly with our teacher and had our first meditation.

On continuing with my practice when I got home that evening and over the proceeding 3 days, I stated to notices the effects. When they teach you how to meditate they mention that one of the big side effects is tolerance towards other.

I had begun to suddenly think about my conversations with people. Instead of just reacting, I was realising things that I had never seen sight of before; Maybe there was a reason for what she said, or perhaps I should communicate my position with my colleague better rather than being invasive.

A very positive running commentary had begun in my life which has turned out to be the most rewarding and fulfilling asset I have attained to date! All due to my lessons on how to meditate.

How to Meditate in London

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