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Learn to meditate in London

Upon deciding I wanted to learn to meditate in London there were a number of things I needed to first find determine. What type of meditation would I learn, where would I learn and who would I learn with. I appropriated the internet to render results.

I ran searches for the various types of meditation I had previously heard of. Whilst searching to learn to meditate in London I came into contact with a very interesting technique called Transcendental Meditation.

I began reading a number of articles on the technique which seed very interesting. Unlike a number of the other forms of meditation, Transcendental Meditation, or TM as it is also referred, turned the mind within with a very natural, unforced method. Instead of utilizing a focus, the technique aims to teach one to let the mind move in its own intended course towards stillness whilst settling the nervous system. The technique also promised increased brain functioning with the observation through cutting edge brain science that measures the movement of brain waves.

I decided to go with it. I emailed the website and was booked in within the week to learn how to meditate in London.

Upon entering the initiation to learn to meditate in London I met a number of the other students I would be enrolling in the course with. I was also introduced to my teacher who would be taking the course over a 4 day period with a number of follow up sessions.

We were taken through a brief video that gave us a grounding to learn to meditate in London. We were handed a very simple technique involving a silent mantra and led into a quiet room where we had our first meditation.

My first experience of how to meditate in London was profound. Being in a closed environment, away from the bustle of the city really helped me focus on just relaxing.

After my first meditation I felt relax but it was not until the second week of learning how to meditate in London that I really began to see lasting results. I had read testimonial about the effects of TM that you could never quite comprehend until you experience it.

Calmness of action and thought lead to a whole host of benefits in my personal and professional life, I have not missed a day of meditation since.

Learn to meditate London

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