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I had been searching for a mediation centre in London for quite some time. In the past I had sporadically looked online for a meditation centre in London but hadn’t quite yet found what I was looking for as a good place to begin.

On searching for a meditation centre in London I went through a number of procedures including reading about meditation in various magazines and speaking to friends who had been initiated at a number of other meditation centres outside London.

I also appropriated the internet whilst searching for meditation centres in London and used some of the following search terms: ‘meditation centre London,’ ‘how to meditate London,’ meditation classes London,’ Learn to meditate London’ and ‘Learn meditation London.’

Alas, on my 4th or 5th attempt I stumbled upon this meditation centre in London and the website was fantastic. It gave me a lovely overview of the meditation course, its foundations and an exciting expectation of the benefits of meditation with the simple mechanics of its technique.

After quite some time searching, once I finally found this meditation centre in London I immediately felt a sense of relief. I had been wanting to do meditation for a long time as I knew it was the way forward for me.

There had been a number of personal challenges I wanted to overcome (through the meditation centre in London) and as I mentioned, I had friends who had been initiated at other meditation centres in other parts of the country. They had all expressed pure gratitude for their experiences with Meditation and the almost instantaneous side effects it had rendered in both their personal and professional lives.

This proved to be the very same experiences for me. After attending the meditation centre in London and beginning my daily practice, I became profoundly calmer. I found myself breathing properly again and naturally becoming aware of my health and things that matter to me.  My clarity of thought and focus almost astounded me and problems that had been to big to handle before seemed to solve themselves almost as soon as they came into my mind.

All of this took place in a matter of around 3 weeks of attending the meditation centre in London and I have not looked back since then.

Meditation Centre London

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