Deborah Wright

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Deborah Wright, Novelist

“I first learnt Transcendental Meditation because my mother had been practising it, and because I was taking my exams at school and I was starting to get stressed, even though I was only 14. I also had insomnia, which it cured because it used to take 2 hours to get to sleep and now it takes 20 minutes.

“TM was also wonderfully helpful in enabling me to obtain a 2:1 in English from Oxford. It improved my memory and enabled me to think more clearly, sharply, and use original ideas in my essays.

“Practising just 20 minutes morning and evening is also very refreshing and energising, so it was very useful for all night essay crises! Best of all, when I took my exams, I never suffered a moment’s insomnia or nerves – I felt so calm, I actually enjoyed taking them.

“My current job is working full time writing novels. I found that practising TM helps me as a writer because whenever I’m stuck on a problem I always find the solution just after I’ve finished meditating, so I’ve never suffered from writer’s block, thank goodness!

“I also find that I have more energy, more creativity and that the longer I’ve been doing TM, the faster I write. I know my agent always comments on how quickly I write compared to his other clients. I think it’s just that I’ve become more efficient. Instead of wasting my time writing a few chapters that don’t really work, my brain is sharper so what comes up tends to be much higher quality than it used to be.”

Deborah Wright

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