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Transcendental Meditation brings inner and outer peace

News today that violent crime in America has fallen to its lowest levels in nearly 40 years may have baffled authorities but comes as yet another confirmation of the effectiveness of the “Invincible America Assembly” at Maharishi University of Management … Continue reading

Choosing Meditation Techniques and Types

Meditation ( is a proven, effective means of eliminating stress and thereby of promoting health and well-being. Like more or less any discipline it is taught, and the effectiveness of the teaching depends naturally upon the knowledge and of the … Continue reading

Transcendental Meditation to Alleviate Stress

There has been a great deal written on the subject of stress, its effect upon our everyday lives, its impact upon our long-term health and its subsequent potential to endanger our well-being and even our lives.  Stress, it is widely … Continue reading

Wayne G – the benefits of learning Transcendental Meditation

What benefits do you get from your meditation? Better sleep and concentration. I definitely feel that it is moving me towards clarity – need to keep  it up and not skip though! It has also helped me calm down on … Continue reading

Learning Transcendental Meditation as a counter to stress

Much has been written about stress.  How it affects us in our everyday  lives, its effects on our long-term health and even its potential to place us in  mortal danger.  Stress, it is generally acknowledged, is under extreme  circumstances a … Continue reading

Meditation techniques and types

Meditation is an effective and proven method of eliminating stress and thereby promoting health and inner well-being. Like any discipline it is taught, and the quality and effectiveness of the teaching depends greatly upon the experience and the knowledge of … Continue reading

Transcendental Meditation – new research on TM and mental health

World-renowned psychiatrist and scientist Dr Norman Rosenthal gave two special presentations last week of his latest pioneering research on Transcendental Meditation in London. These studies relate to two conditions very much in the public awareness at this time: bipolar disorder … Continue reading

Jo Kingston says about her TM meditation classes in London

How did you find the instruction? Was there any way in which it could have been improved? I think it was very good and the atmosphere was very informal, so I always felt comfortable to ask questions if needed.  I … Continue reading

Michele Brigante on learning meditation in London

What benefits do you get from your meditation? State of relaxation

Transcendental Meditation – a royal wedding of spirit and body

At a time when weddings are at the forefront of public attention, it  is worth giving some attention to what might be the highest form of marriage – that between spirit and body. In Transcendental Meditation we experience finer and … Continue reading