Transcendental Meditation to Alleviate Stress

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There has been a great deal written on the subject of
stress, its effect upon our everyday lives, its impact upon our long-term
health and its subsequent potential to endanger our well-being and even our
lives.  Stress, it is widely acknowledged, is after all a killer under extreme circumstances.

A little stress can in certain circumstances actually be a good thing.  There are sometimes
situations in which it would not be of benefit us to be in an unstressed state.  When we step inadvertently out into the road and into the path of an oncoming double-decker bus, for instance, the stress of becoming instantly aware of our immediate predicament leads us to call upon our reflexes, mental and physical, to take evasive action to avoid being run
over.  If we were not caused to be stressed by the grave urgency of the situation at hand we might fail to respond to it quickly or effectively enough, with consequences that could be fatal.

But over a long, sustained period of time stress wears away at our bodies and our resistance at a surprising rate.  It is in particular the effect of persistent stress upon the heart that can lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and in some cases death.  It really is that serious.

Some are able to cope with stress more easily than others.  For many the everyday stresses
of the work environment can be alleviated by a period of “chilling out” in the
evening when the work is done.  Others take their anxieties home with them, sometimes into the family environment where completely different pressures add to and exacerbate the problems brought home from work, and I turn cause difficulties for our loved ones.  Sometimes very simple and mundane things, such as a family dispute over which television channel to tune into, can become magnified out of all proportion to their actual importance and can lead one to become disengaged, weary or at times even depressed.

In this modern age there are very few whose lifestyles leave them completely untouched by stress of some kind or another, so a positive approach needs to be considered through which to counter it.  Sometimes just venturing out for a short stroll, or a drive, will prove sufficient. Others may prefer to go out for a drink, which despite all its attendant
health issues can at least cause one to forget about one’s personal problems
and difficulties, or at the very least put them into a different and perhaps
more realistic perspective.

For a more natural, healthier and longer lasting solution many turn to meditation (  Of all the known options transcendental
( is recognised as being more than twice as effective at relieving the mental effects of stress as other established relaxation and meditation techniques

The uniquely deep state of rest induced by transcendental meditation ( provides real and tangible meditation
in every field of life, from reduced stress to much improved health, clearer
thinking, and greatly increased creativity.

Transcendental Meditation London (
and City runs courses by qualified teachers who have each spent a minimum of six months on full-time training programmes designed and supervised by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation.

The teaching of Transcendental Meditation is overseen by a nationwide educational charity, the Maharishi Foundation, which maintains the
standard of teaching.

This includes a free introductory talk at a convenient London
venue or, where this is not convenient, a telephone presentation can be

For more information please contact 0845 226 9321.


Transcendental Meditation to Alleviate Stress

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