Month: March 2011

Keith Bennett

– Keith Bennett, Independent Business Consultant, Perthshire. Keith Bennett is an independent business consultant from Dunblane, Perthshire. In 1993, the recession hit and as his business and financial problems increased so did his stress levels. He was constantly exhausted, eating irregularly and unable to sleep. His family collectively voiced their concern and he knew he […]

Alex Yellowlees

– Dr. Alex Yellowlees, Consultant Psychiatrist. “I’ve been practising TM for about 4 years and I find daily meditation an essential way to reduce work stress. TM helps me to focus my mind more clearly and improve my general sense of well-being.”

Deborah Wright

– Deborah Wright, Novelist “I first learnt Transcendental Meditation because my mother had been practising it, and because I was taking my exams at school and I was starting to get stressed, even though I was only 14. I also had insomnia, which it cured because it used to take 2 hours to get to […]

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