Month: March 2011

Henk von Wouw

– Henk von Wouw, Head of Environmental Affairs, Shell International Petroleum. “I’ve been very interested in personal development for a number of years and decided to learn TM recently after reading about it in a book. The effects of it have already been remarkable. I have a lot more energy almost to the point of […]

Max Rosen

– Max Rosen, Managing Director, Securitised Endowment Contracts Plc “I can honestly say that since learning TM I’ve hardly been ill at all. I originally learnt TM purely out of curiosity. I work in a high pressure environment and find that I can cope far better than most people. Problems with stress are much reduced […]

Marion Roden

– Dr. Marion Roden, Occupational Physician, SmithKline Beecham. “I still find it amazing that a technique that is as effortless as cutting butter with a hot knife can be so powerful in its effects. “Since I started Transcendental Meditation I feel more connected, more optimistic, more serene, more competent, and more effective. And these beneficial […]

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