Meditation to Boost Health and Well-Being

You may be able to manage stress and high blood pressure, get better sleep, feel more balanced and connected, and even reduce your risk of heart disease by engaging in meditation practises.

Transcendental Meditation is a practice that can help you let go of stress and feel more at ease and peaceful.. Consider it a brief break from the stress in your life! Your body’s natural alarm system is stress. Your breathing quickens, your heart rate increases, and your blood pressure goes up as a result of the hormone adrenaline that is released. It motivates us to act, which is advantageous when we are in a real danger or have a task to complete.

But when it lasts too long or happens frequently, the “fight or flight” response can have an adverse effect on your body. An effective method for managing stress is Transcendental Meditation.

Life quality and overall health can be enhanced by meditation.

Recent research on the effectiveness of Transcendental Meditation in lowering blood pressure has produced encouraging results. There is proof that it can assist people in controlling their anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

According to some research, meditation alters the physical structure of the brain, which may enhance cognitive function, slow the cognitive effects of ageing, reduce inflammation, support the immune system, lessen menopausal symptoms, control pain perception, and improve sleep.

Although more study is required, it is obvious that meditation has positive effects on the body and brain. The most wisely researched and proven form of meditation is Transcendental Meditation which is a practice that enables you to direct your attention inward while maintaining awareness of external thoughts and sensations without allowing them to distract you. Typically, you perform it twice a day for 20 minutes while sitting still and closing your eyes. It achieves a profound state of physical relaxation and inner peace

Meditation to Boost Health and Well-Being

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