How meditation helps for Study Better

Some people find it easy to study. For some people, it’s really scary.

Meditation could help you reach your full potential, whether your problem is getting yourself to study or dealing with the stress that comes with it.

Meditation doesn’t need a lot of candles or money. Get rid of the idea of a culture-appropriating, overly spiritual person chanting and telling you to “repeat your mantras” and “find your happy place.” Meditation is much easier and has a lot of benefits. Research shows that meditation can help you concentrate, make you feel less anxious, and help you remember things better.

Have you ever been in an exam and forgotten something important that you knew you had studied? When a teacher put you on the spot, did you forget the answer? That happens for a reason. Stress makes it harder to remember things and change our thoughts to fit the situation.

American academics wanted to find out how well meditation would work for people in high-stress jobs where having a smaller working memory would be bad. What were they? Amazing.

The researchers tested a group of marines both while they were in combat and before they went into battle. As expected, the marines who had not been taught how to meditate had less working memory when they were under stress. But it turned out that the marines who meditated for more than 10 minutes a day for 8 weeks kept their memories and got better at what they did.

1) Don’t overdo it.

Don’t start out thinking that you’ll become a Zen master. Set aside a few minutes each day until it becomes a habit or something you really enjoy.

2) It all comes down to habits.

It is a habit to meditate. It should become a regular thing you do and a time to relax, so pick a regular time to meditate when your mind can be calm. It could be in the morning to get ready for a busy school day or in the evening to end a busy study session.

3) Find your zone.

You need to be comfortable with how you sit and where you sit. Sit somewhere you feel safe and calm, like the back yard or a quiet spot in the house. Also, don’t think too much about pose. Sit in a comfortable way that will make it easy for you to breathe.

Something to keep in mind when it’s time to study again. All of you, have fun meditating!

How meditation helps for Study Better

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