Activate your own inner healing power

Activate your own innate healing capacity.

We underestimate how much power our body has to cure itself. The act of transcending creates the perfect environment for the body’s natural healing abilities to activate. Fortunately, it’s much simpler than previously believed, as 600 scientific studies and 6 million TM practitioners around the world have shown. It merely needs the appropriate training and technique.

Real meditation is simple. It is joyful, natural, and extremely effective, and anyone can learn it. Most people believe that meditation entails mind control, requiring one to focus on one’s breath, a sound, or “being in the now” in order to quiet the mind. Concentration is scarcely joyful and goes against the nature of the mind. But TM is incredibly simple and enjoyable.

Transcending = Much more than relaxation

The practice of meditation is growing in popularity as a way to reduce stress, but transcending has a much deeper impact than just relaxation. Unfortunately, until recently, the world had no idea how to effortlessly transcend. Transcending is described as the highest human experience and as being necessary for our complete human growth in the oldest scriptures from the oldest tradition of knowledge. By observing what occurs in the body and the brain during Transcendental Meditation practice, current science allows us to corroborate this today:

1. An intense state of relaxation: considerably more profound than regular rest, even more profound than sleep.

2. A considerable drop in stress hormones and an increase in happiness hormones indicate inner peace and happiness

3. EEG brain wave coherence measurements can be used to assess the development of the whole brain.

Together, these factors explain why the TM method is so successful in many spheres of life.

Transcending = Deep Rest

The mind enters a condition of perfect interior silence when it transcends the subtlest impulse of thought. This occurs in a totally natural and carefree manner. We don’t have to and shouldn’t try to silence the mind. The mind will naturally travel there if the correct approach is used. When the mind transcends, the body automatically enters a deeply relaxed state that is much deeper than sleep.

Our bodies’ natural ability to heal itself is triggered by this deep sleep.

To relax is to release tensions. The body has a wholly organic method of releasing all the stress it builds up. Sleep allows us to do this, but it doesn’t go deep enough to relieve the profoundly ingrained traumatic pressures. That is what transcending will accomplish.

Transcending = Measurable Brain Development

Even in adults whose brains are theoretically fully grown, transcending effects our brain development and has an impact on our relationships, health, well-being, and self-esteem.

Activate your own inner healing power

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