David Lynch Interviews Paul MacCartney About Meditation And Maharishi

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David Lynch: First of all its a real big honor to interview you, to talk to you Paul, and I’ve got to tell you I am not a professional interviewer. But I’m curious. So I’ll just ask you some things. And I’m curious – I assume some time in the sixties, set the stage, when did you first hear the word meditation and what did you make of it?

Paul McCartney: It was actually George Harrisons wife, Pattie, who had heard that Maharishi was coming to town. And she said we should all go. It was one of those things. And I was personally not in a good place. I think you know just over doing it in the sixties. So I was just not very, sort of, centered and I was looking for something. I think we all were. So we heard that Maharishi was going to have a meeting and give a lecture. So that was the first time Id heard about meditation. But we’d actually seen him when we were kids growing up in Liverpool. Because as you know he went around the world seven times to spread his message. And he was on TV. And we remembered this giggling little guy and we thought, we loved him. We just said he’s so cool! you know. And he was just on TV, and he was giving an interview and he would giggle — that fabulous laugh of his. And he was very entertaining and very attractive. So we all said that’s that guy! But then I say, he was giving a lecture.

David Lynch: Where was it?

Paul McCartney: In London.

David Lynch: But do you remember the place?

Paul McCartney: I don’t remember it. I think it was in Kensington, Chelsea or somewhere. But, so that was the first time I heard about it and we all went along to listen.

David Lynch: And in the talk, what feeling, you know, came over you about what he was saying, his message?

*Note: Paul McCartney all the Beatles learned Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1960′s.

Now the David Lynch Foundation is teaching at-risk children Transcendental Meditation to help overcome classroom stress and other social issues.

Russell Brand discusses Transcendental Meditation with Howard Stern

Howard Stern: You suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) I know that.

Lady: Does he have OCD too?

Howard Stern: Yes he does and he practice Transcendental Meditation.

Russell Brand: I do I went into it, yeah, yeah the unified field, I just started it (Transcendental Meditation) about that time actually. I learned it off this fellow named Bobby Roth. He taught me around the time I met Katie it was very very succinct and helpful. It helped me because from that date from that mad acid rush of feeling like I was in love where she just went alright whats your favorite film just like as if you’re talking down you know like I don’t know anything man. Then everything was okay. From then I learned Transcendental Meditation, I went off to some prison in Louisiana to make a documentary and everything changed honestly. Not cheated, I’ve done nothing wrong not gone off with other birds, not messed around.

Howard Stern: Do you think that TM, I’ve been doing Transcendental Meditation for 36 years and when I started I stopped smoking spontaneously, a lot of things happened to me. So do you think from the TM that even your mind changed about women?

Russell Brand: Yes, I believe it may have.

David Lynch Interviews Paul MacCartney About Meditation And Maharishi

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