Workplace – Be more organised

When you can think more clearly, you’re able to organise yourself and your work more effectively

EEG coherence, a measure of the orderliness of brain waves, has been found to increase during and after practising TM.

Meditation clears the mind, leading to uncluttered, clearer thinking and a greater ability to organise yourself. Many meditators report that, after meditation, they can concentrate better and get more done.

TM aids individual and organisational performance

“Productivity, sales, and profitability all improved dramatically, the creativity of our research department went up, and absenteeism dropped sharply, as did sick days and injuries.TM paid for itself in two months.”

*Reference: R.W. Montgomery Jr., former CEO, H.A. Montgomery Co.

Here’s what some meditators say:

“You come out feeling calm and full of energy”

“When I was introduced to TM, I was working under tremendous pressure.

“Within a short time after learning, everything changed for the better. I found I was able to cope much better.

“I found I was able to cope much better in the morning.

“TM seems to clear all the rubbish out of your mind and you come out feeling calm and full of energy, and seeing clearly what you have to do during the day.”

Iain Byers, Senior Manager, Information Technology, Fife.

“After using TM my thinking is more focused.”

“In the past I could never relax – I always felt that I should be doing something. With TM I have learnt to enjoy deep relaxation without feeling guilty. After using TM my thinking is more focused. Any sense of inner chaos or confusion is resolved. I can set my parameters for the day and zero in on the priorities.

“I have certainly noticed that both my organizational skills and my overall performance at work have improved. As a result my working day is more pleasurable. Since learning TM I have generally become more aware not only of myself but of others too. I can sense when colleagues or friends are troubled and am able to offer my support.”

Hazel Collins, Chief Executive, Ellishelen Ltd, Hair & Beauty Products

“TM helps me to focus my mind more clearly”

“I’ve been practising TM for about 4 years and I find daily meditation an essential way to reduce work stress. TM helps me to focus my mind more clearly and improve my general sense of well-being.”

Dr. Alex Yellowlees, Consultant Psychiatrist.

“A state of inner coherence”

“The TM technique simply and naturally allows the mind to settle down to experience a state of inner coherence and calm during which time the left and right hemispheres, and the front and back of the brain, begin to work in harmony with each other. This brain wave coherence has been correlated with improvements in memory, problem-solving and decision-making abilities. This change in brain functioning also affects the rest of the physiology, reducing high blood pressure, strengthening the heart, and overall improving health.”

Dr Gary Kaplan,  Ph.D.Neurologist,New York University Medical School.

What is the scientific basis for this – how does TM optimizes brain potential?

Frontal Lobes


Neural imaging patterns and EEG research show that TM practice produces a unique state of restful alertness, which can be seen in the decreased activity in the thalamus (the area of the brain that relays input to all other parts of the brain) and increased activity in the frontal and parietal cortices (two areas involved in attention).

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