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With less stress, and more energy and creativity, you can enjoy work more and make the time you spend there more rewarding

A study published in the Academy Of Management Journal found people practicing TM showed significant improvements at work, compared with members of a control group. Job performance and job satisfaction increased while desire to change jobs decreased.

When you are performing at your best, work is more enjoyable. You get more done and work relationships are smoother. Meditators report they are at their best at work more often and their performance continues to improve.

“It was very helpful in restoring energy levels”

“I have just arrived back from a weeks trip to Kazakhstan….lots of late nights / early mornings as a result of travel times and logistical difficulties / time zone changes etc…… will be pleased to hear that I used the meditation techniques you have shown us several times over the course of the week….and it was most helpful in restoring energy levels and clearing the mind between meetings etc…”

Increased job satisfaction

A study of executives and workers in the automotive industry found that after three months of regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation program, employees showed increased professional and personal satisfaction, in comparison to controls from the same work sites. The study also found increased effectiveness, in comparison to controls from the same work sites.

*Reference: Anxiety, Stress and Coping: An International Journal 6: 245–262, 1993.

Anton Douglas, Vice President (Emerging Markets), Credit Suisse UK.

“I don’t give myself a hard time any more”

“A few years ago I was put in a high pressure situation which resulted in a lot of stress. I suffered from migraines and frequent colds.

“Physically and mentally I was run down. I learnt TM at the suggestion of a friend and it was like the difference between night and day. I felt less stress and I became more able to cope. Life became less of a struggle and more enjoyable. I now deal with problems more easily – I have a better perspective and keep things in proportion.

“I don’t give myself a hard time any more. TM frees up my energy, and I’ve particularly noticed that more avenues have opened up both at work and in my friendships.”

– Ellen Brush, Publishing Director, Axon Publishing.

“I feel more connected”

“I still find it amazing that a technique that is as effortless as cutting butter with a hot knife can be so powerful in its effects.

“Since I started Transcendental Meditation I feel more connected, more optimistic, more serene, more competent, and more effective. And these beneficial effects continue to grow.”

Dr. Marion Roden, Occupational Physician, Smith Kline Beecham.

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