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A study found that a group of TM students scored significantly higher in tests for originality, flexibility and verbal fluency – five months after learning the practice.

When your mind is not full of tension and irrelevant thoughts, you can be more creative and productive. After learning TM, studies show meditators do better in creativity tests.

“Creativity increases”

“I have never missed a meditation in 34 years. I meditate once in the morning and once in the afternoon for about 20 minutes each time. Then I go about the business of my day.

Increased creativity

Individuals who learned the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation program showed increased creativity in comparison to controls as measured by a higher level of pictorial originality when measured after five months of practice. They also showed increased creativity as measured by higher levels of pictorial flexibility and verbal fluency (not charted).

*Reference: The Journal of Creative Behavior 13: 169–180, 1979.* Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1979.

“I find the joy of the ‘doing’ increases. Creativity increases. Intuition increases. The pleasure of life grows. And negativity recedes.”

David Lynch, award-winning filmmaker, photographer, painter, and author of Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity.

“Zero problems”

Fashion designers Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker began the PPQ label ( in 1992. They have attracted a chorus of critically acclaimed artists and their collections now enjoy international fame. PPQ also run a highly successful recording studio and record label.

“I find I have zero problems getting my ideas realised after doing TM. I always have a massive drawing session after it, which is brilliant for me … being a clothes designer.”

Amy Molyneaux, designer and co-founder, PPQ Clothing.

“TM has been absolutely indispensable”

“TM helps me get through my work a lot more easily and a lot more smoothly than before. I find I worry less and am more confident – especially in difficult situations. If I am tired, I can’t bring the knowledge out to an audience as well as when I’m fresh and rested, with my TM getting done on time.

“TM has been absolutely indispensable in managing to gain the kind of energy that I need to put into shows, and to maintain creativity as well, to keep coming up with new show ideas.”

Tom Pringle (‘Dr Bunhead’) Science Educator.

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