Research on American businesses where employees have been taught Transcendental Meditation found that they had significantly:

  • Less anxiety, job tension, insomnia, and fatigue
  • Reduced cigarette and hard liquor use
  • Improved health and fewer health complaints
  • Enhanced effectiveness, job satisfaction, and work/personal relationships

“The key to success in today’s world is innovation, creativity – beyond anything else. If you create products and services that are clearly better than what your competitors produce, you’re going to succeed in today’s world.

“Having the ability to enhance one’s own creativity as well as that of one’s employees seems to me to be the ultimate responsibility of a manager within a company. And the Transcendental Meditation program allows that creativity enhancement to take place beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”

Burton A. Dole Jr., Former Chairman and CEO, Puritan-Bennett Corp. Leading manufacturer of respiratory products.

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