Transcendental Meditation Information

“When the whole brain is integrated, one is less stressed, more effective and happier. Anyone can do it.”

Dr. Fred Travis, Director of the Centre for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition, Iowa, USA .

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What is TM?

Transcendental Meditation is unique. It brings about a deep inner tranquillity that is both relaxing and revitalising. This dissolves stress and fatigue, promoting happiness, health, creativity and clear thinking.

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Where does it come from?

Transcendental Meditation comes from an ancient Indian tradition, and was brought to London by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It is still taught in the same traditional way all over the world, guaranteeing authenticity and effectiveness.

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What can TM do for you?

TM has a wide range of benefits, from reduced stress to better health, clearer thinking, and increased creativity. There have been hundreds of scientific research studies and reviews on TM, conducted at 214 institutions in 27 countries, and published in more than 100 scientific journals.

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