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TM’s deep relaxation refreshes your mind, allowing many hours of effective recall when you’re revising, or during an exam.

The science, as well as many peoples’ personal testimony, has proved this claim over and again many times in the last 50 years.

They were compared with other students randomly assigned to a routine of twice-daily rest with eyes closed, and with others who made no change in their daily routine. A short period of TM helps study by reducing tension and tiredness.

“It enabled me to have a more balanced life”

“I learned Transcendental Meditation right before I began my senior year in college. I was carrying a full course load, working at a domestic violence agency, and also actively campaigning for a rally for Darfur. So there was a lot on my plate. …

“I would get to the late part of the afternoon and feel the fatigue coming over me; my eyes would feel really strained and I would feel my muscles kind of locking up. I just knew that it was time to meditate and I would sit down.

“Within a few minutes, I would feel my body settling down – my breath, my heart. Even my muscles would unlock. And after I was done, I was rested and felt ready to continue in activity … I think I was able to be more present for my clients at the agency I worked at; I was more able to take on more knowledge as I studied into the evening; and also enjoy social interaction with my friends more. So I think, in general, it enabled me to have a more balanced life that year.”

Patricia Spurio, student

Improved memory

University students who learned the Transcendental Meditation program showed after 40 days improved clustering in short-term memory, indicating increased organization of the thinking process, in comparison to randomly assigned controls who sat with closed eyes twice daily.

*Reference: Meditation and flexibility of visual perception and verbal problem solving, Memory and Cognition 10: 207�215, 1982.

“I’m more organised and better prepared”

“Eight months ago, my life was overwhelmed by stress. It was difficult for me to be around people.

“This included my family. I didn’t feel like myself. Filled with anxieties about things outside my control, I felt like a part of me was lost.

“When I heard about TM I was immediately skeptical. I read about it extensively but continued to doubt that something so simple could have this extraordinary an effect on someone’s life.

“After my first month of meditating, I still questioned whether the changes I was experiencing were real, or whether I was experiencing placebo effects from the practice. But the benefits just kept growing. Every week and month I just kept feeling better and stronger.

“I feel much less stressed, more clear-minded, and better able to cope with stressful circumstances that come across my path. Academically, I am definitely doing better.

“I’m more organized and better prepared. I don’t procrastinate as I used to and I have the added energy and self-confidence to participate in classes where before I was apprehensive to do so. I feel like I am able to interact more easily and effectively with other students and with my teachers.”

– Josh Goulding, Psychology student.

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