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Students at MUM university, who regularly practised Transcendental Meditation, increased significantly in intelligence over a 2-year period, compared to control subjects from another university

TM is also being successfully used in schools around the world:

“Grades A or A* at almost 3 times the national rate”

“Our pupils pass examinations at grades A or A* at almost 3 times the national rate, and they pass five or more at grades A* to C at double the national average rate. Yet we do not select pupils on the basis of academic ability.

“Very many of our pupils also distinguish themselves in competitions in different disciplines. These are the direct results of the children experiencing, twice every day, a unique quality of deep rest in which stresses and tensions are released, and the nervous system is restored to balance.”

Dr. Derek Cassells, Head Teacher, Lancashire, with 20 years’ experience of using Transcendental Meditation in the classroom.

Development of intelligence – increased IQ in university students

This study not only showed significant improvements in intelligence (IQ), but also the meditating students scored better at creativity tests, including significantly higher scores on figural originality and flexibility and on verbal fluency.

*Reference: Personality and Individual Differences 12: 1105–1116, 1991.

“You can handle stress better”

“I think that when I first started TM I thought stress would just disappear. It’s not that stress doesn’t happen. Stuff still happens that create problems. It’s just the way I respond to stress is different.

“I can now step back from situations and be calmer and react in a much more effective, creative ways.

“There’s also the whole thing that you just feel better—your body feels better, you sleep better—and all that’s good for sure.

“But I think that the best thing about TM is that you can handle stress better.”

– Tasha Daniels, university student.

“Inner happiness and peace”

“I have a large course-load, intern at Congress, and participate in several campus organizations. Fitting it all in is a major challenge. Since learning the Transcendental Meditation technique, I’m more organized and better able to channel my energies in the most effective ways.

“During times in which I would usually succumb to stress—“losing my cool”—I have found myself much more calm, balanced, and composed. Transcendental Meditation has enriched all my experiences with a clearer focus originating out of a new-found inner happiness and peace.”

– Hunter Sheetz, American university student.

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