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TM allows you to know who you are and be comfortable with that, enabling you to be more accepting of others

A study of people practicing the Transcendental Meditation Program found that they scored significantly more positively in how they rated important people in their lives, as compared to controls.

TM dissolves tension and stress so you feel happier and more at peace with yourself. You have more to give others, and therefore you receive more back, making relationships more fulfilling and more likely to last. If two people go to a picnic and neither bring any food, it’s not going to be much of a picnic. The same thing is true of relationships -the more you have to give, the more you receive.

But what stops us from being giving to our friends and families? It’s just that they drive us nuts sometimes! When we are feeling more at peace and at ease with ourselves, we can be more tolerant and enjoy other more. TM helps us to do this.

Greater appreciation of others

People practicing the Transcendental Meditation Program score significantly more positively in how they rate important people in their lives, as compared to controls.

*Reference: Perceptual and Motor Skills 64: 1003–1012, 1987.

Here’s what meditators say about how TM has made a difference to their ability to enjoy relationships:

“More harmony, kindness and love”

“Regular TM practice not only settles the mind, it softens and nourishes the heart. The result is greater appreciation of others, more harmony, kindness and love. Mothers tell me their children remind them to meditate—I think that says it all.”

Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D.,a Johns Hopkins – trained specialist in women’s health.

“A sense of inner comfort with myself”

“TM has given me a sense of inner comfort with myself which has changed my life. I am now so much more confident than before.

“TM also gives me a lot of energy and a broader perspective on things in my life which before would have stressed me out.”

Marc Wilkinson, Advertising Consultant, Edinburgh.

“I am learning how to enjoy my life”

“I feel I have more motivation, things seem less of an effort. I have better concentration for longer periods and generally I have a clearer head and am far less stressed.

“Spiritually, I feel stronger and far more alive. Also, the love and compassion for the people close to me has grown and been enhanced. It seems to be returned almost twice as much. I am learning how to enjoy my life.”

Rachael, Fashion Designer, Liverpool.

Improved relationships at work

Better interpersonal realtionships also translate into better relationships at work. A study of executives and workers in the motor industryfound significant improvements in relations with supervisors and co-workers after an average of 11 months practicing Transcendental Meditation, in comparison to control subjects from the same work sites. And while Transcendental Meditation practitioners reported that they felt less anxiety about promotion, their fellow employees saw them as moving ahead quickly.

*Reference: Transcendental Meditation and productivity, Academy of Management Journal 17 (2): 362368, 1974.

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