Relationships – Reduce anger with others

TM gives inner peace and relaxation, dissolving anger and frustration with others

A study of managers and employees, who regularly practised TM in a large manufacturing company, found they were more relaxed and had less anxiety and job frustration, when compared to control subjects with similar job positions in the same organisation

When you are more at peace with yourself, you can be more tolerant with others. This makes relationships less bumpy and more likely to be enjoyable.

Less frustration

In this study subjects practicing the Transcendental Meditation programme showed significant improvements at work, compared with members of a control group.

Job performance and job satisfaction increased while desire to change jobs decreased. People at every level of the organisation benefited from practicing the Transcendental Meditation programme.

*Reference: Transcendental Meditation and productivity, Academy of Management Journal 17 (2): 362 368, 1974.

“Anger lifted”

“When I started meditating I had a real anger in me, and I would take this out on my first wife. Two weeks after I started meditating, this anger lifted.”

– Dr. David Lynch, award-winning film maker.

“A very good working atmosphere”

“In the morning TM clears the mind and as a result you can see very clearly what you have to do, while remaining calm and full of energy.

“Before learning I used to come home from work exhausted.

“Now, after twenty minutes, my batteries are recharged and I am ready to enjoy the evening. I have encouraged my staff to take it up.

“This creates a very good working atmosphere and we get the work done without suffering from stress.”

– Trevor Evans, Managing Director, OKO Group.

“More successful and happier”

“Since learning TM I have been more successful and happier. It has enabled me to balance the demands of the three major roles in my life: wife, mother, and a responsible job in industry.

“I find that the understanding and experience gained by each one is equally applicable in the others. With the help of my daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, all three roles are vehicles for my personal, intellectual, and emotional development without my being overshadowed by stress, guilt, and pressure.”

Beverly Galloway, Quality Engineer.

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