Stress – Worrying too much?

Transcendental Meditation gives a uniquely deep level of mind and body restfulness – dissolving worries, fears and anxiety.

The science, as well as many peoples’ personal testimony, has proved this claim over and again many times in the last 50 years. A study of executives and workers in the motor industry, for example, found that those doing TM tested as significantly calmer both while resting and performing tasks.*

How can TM help you worry less?

Worry arises when you have trouble coping with the demands placed on you.

The resulting anxiety leads one to self-medicate in various ways: food, TV, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and coffee are common examples.

Yet we already know these methods are short-sighted and unhelpful in any serious attempt to reduce the stresses in life.

This is because they do not help one function any better; indeed, over time they worsen your ability to cope.

Research on TM and Worry

TM is twice as effective

Repeated studies indicate that TM is at least twice as effective at reducing worry than other meditations or relaxation techniques*

*Reference: Differential effects of relaxation techniques on trait anxiety: A meta-analysis, Journal of Clinical Psychology 45: 957 974, 1989

TM reduces job tension

A 3 month study of managers and employees in a top 100 US manufacturing company showed that TM practioners displayed reduced tension on the job, when compared to control subjects with similar job positions in the same companies*

*Reference: A prospective study of the effects of the Transcendental Meditation programme in two business settings, Anxiety, Stress nad Coping: International Journal 6:245-262,1993

This leads to a vicious cycle of worry, where the less we are able to cope, the more we self-medicate.

The Transcendental Meditation technique cuts short this vicious cycle of worry.

When practicing the TM technique, a person sits comfortably in a chair for 20 minutes twice a day, closes the eyes, and begins the process.

You experience the mind effortlessly settling down to quieter and quieter levels of the thinking process.

The mind soon comes to experience what is called “restful alertness” In this state, the body is deeply rested, while the mind is fully alert.

Stress and worry are dissolved by this experience – by the quiet and soothing experience of inner restfulness. Many people report this as almost miraculous, yet it is simply a mental process anyone can learn.

Here is how some meditators describe how TM has helped them to worry less:

“It has given me equanimity no matter what happens”

“I have been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique for over 30 years. It has helped me to consistently raise my performance levels. It has helped me cope with the stresses and strains of life.

“And I believe very strongly that the practice of TM has helped me to maintain a steady state of mind—it has given me equanimity no matter what happens.”

Ramani Ayer, Chairman and CEO of The Hartford, one of the largest financial services and insurance companies in the US.

“TM enables me to leave business problems behind me in the office”

“I can honestly say that since learning TM I’ve hardly been ill at all.

I originally learnt TM purely out of curiosity. I work in a high pressure environment and find that I can cope far better than most people.

“Problems with stress are much reduced since learning TM. TM enables me to leave business problems behind me in the office and give more quality attention to my family.

“I set up my company just five years ago. It now employs 64 people and has gone from nowhere to become Britain’s leading traded endowment company.

“TM has made a significant contribution to this success. The Transcendental Meditation course is the best investment I ever made.”

– Max Rosen, Managing Director, Securitised Endowment Contracts PLC, UK.

“Transcendental Meditation dissolves stress”

“The deep rest of Transcendental Meditation dissolves stress, providing relief from a wide range of stress-related and psychosomatic conditions.

“By stopping stress from accumulating, Transcendental Meditation prevents illness and creates a basis for good health.

“At a deeper level, Transcendental Meditation restores the innate balance of the physiology. When the mind and body can function properly, the natural intelligence within the body can function properly, strengthening the immune system and the other self-repair mechanisms that naturally protect against disease.”

– Dr. William Weir, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Royal Free Hospital, London.

Here are some common questions about how TM can help:

What if I’m so anxious I can’t sit still long enough to meditate?

The direct experience of stillness and peace naturally takes care of these feelings of restlessness. It’s automatic. With continued practice, worry plays less and less a role in your life; you start making better decisions about daily activities because you are better able to deal with your worries.

In time, one gains the possibility of becoming worry free (yes, it’s true). This means instead of reacting to challenges and new things as threats, one sees them as opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I’m so busy, even if I learned TM, I’m afraid I’d never do it.

All of us take time to recharge our batteries. All of us take the time to sleep, to eat, to shower each day.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a program to prevent stress from interfering with your ability to function and enjoy life.

It’s a way for the mind and body to get a very deep level of rest so that life becomes a growing experience where you look forward to new experiences, because you’re able to easily manage them as a result of adequate rest and integration of mind and body.

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* Reference: Anxiety, Stress and Coping: An International Journal 6: 245-262,1993

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