Health – Can’t Sleep?

TM helps you to profoundly relax in body and mind, leading to better sleep

A summary of a number of studies found that TM produces a significantly deeper level of relaxation than eyes-closed rest. Deep rest and relaxation were indicated by positive changes in the body’s chemistry, such as a reduction in plasma lactate levels.

When you’re more relaxed you can sleep better. Many people report they have had their best sleep in months after learning TM.

The stress of not sleeping accumulates over time.

And even if you are getting normal sleep once in a while, sleep does not dissolve the accumulated stress of day-in-and-day-out pressures of daily life; it can only dissolve the fatigue of today.

So fatigue and stress keep building.

Even when you go on vacation, the relaxation doesn’t last very long once you get back to your usual lifestyle.

TM produces inner calm

Individuals who practiced the Transcendental Meditation Technique showed significantly increased skin resistance during the practice, in contrast to controls. Skin resistance is an electrophysiological measure of calmness or restfulness.

*Reference: Physiology and Behaviour 35: 591-595,1985.

That’s why everyone needs a way to dissolve the accumulated fatigue and stress of daily living, which is made worse by sleep deprivation.

Practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique on a regular basis allows you to throw off that accumulated stress. Research indicates that the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation improves health, including psychological well-being.

Researchers estimate that 70 to 90% of disease is stress related, so if you have a mechanism for reducing stress, it improves your overall health and all aspects of your life.

There are many reasons for insomnia, but the most frequent cause is anxiety and stress. Of course, it is possible that some TM meditators can occasionally have the problem of insomnia. However, since TM helps lessen stress, most people with insomnia who learn the Transcendental Meditation program find that it becomes less and less of a problem.

Here’s the experiences of some meditators:

“…it used to take 2 hours to get to sleep and now it takes 20 minutes”

“I first learnt Transcendental Meditation because my mother had been practising it, and because I was taking my exams at school and I was starting to get stressed, even though I was only 14. I also had insomnia, which it cured because it used to take 2 hours to get to sleep and now it takes 20 minutes.

“TM was also wonderfully helpful in enabling me to obtain a 2:1 in English from Oxford. It improved my memory and enabled me to think more clearly, sharply, and use original ideas in my essays.

“Practising just 20 minutes morning and evening is also very refreshing and energising, so it was very useful for all night essay crises! Best of all, when I took my exams, I never suffered a moment’s insomnia or nerves – I felt so calm, I actually enjoyed taking them.”

Deborah Wright, Novelist

“I now fall asleep instantly”

“As a single parent in full-time work, I found myself over-reacting to my young daughter’s naughtiness in a way that was out of all proportion to the crime!. After learning Transcendental Meditation I no longer yelled and jumped up and down at her mild misbehaviour.

“Also it had always taken me an hour or so to get to sleep but I now fall asleep instantly! If I feel tired, meditating revives me.”

Leigh Hicks, teacher and single parent.

“The results for me were astonishing”

Keith Bennett is an independent business consultant from Dunblane, Perthshire. In 1993, the recession hit and as his business and financial problems increased so did his stress levels. He was constantly exhausted, eating irregularly and unable to sleep. His family collectively voiced their concern and he knew he had a problem and would have to deal with it. He learnt Transcendental Meditation.

“The results for me were astonishing,” he says. “Immediately I felt many of the stresses that I had accumulated over 18 months, dissolve. Within the space of 10 minutes I felt quite different – less pain in my head, my thinking was much clearer, neck muscles had relaxed and the constant nausea I had been experiencing just vanished. I was taken aback. I remember walking back to the car feeling inexplicably happy in a natural kind of way.”

Now, Keith sees everything in a more positive light. He spends more time with his family, and looks forward to going to work in the morning and gets through twice as much work as before making fewer mistakes.

Keith was so impressed by TM that in collaboration with the Scottish TM Centres, he set up a series of seminars to introduce TM to other businessmen.

“When you are stressed, you perceive negatively, when you are relaxed you perceive positively, see things as a challenge rather than a problem,” says Keith. “When I took it up, I was told that my working life would become easier, and that has happened. With clearer thought, I am able to achieve more, so much faster, in an effortless way. This has become an extension of quality management in which I am still involved.

“With TM you are upgrading the human physiology, like you upgrade your computer to run better software, but with TM it happens in a simple, natural way. There is no mind-bending, no mind-altering. You positively look forward to doing it every day.”

Keith Bennett, Independent Business Consultant, Perthshire.

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