How to meditate

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How to meditate

When you want to learn how to meditate, the first thing to do is to find an experienced teacher of a form of meditation with proven, scientifically-tested results in an area near you in London.

There are many teachers who will offer to teach you how to meditate in London, but the length of training they have undertaken may vary greatly and it is best to find a teacher of transcendental meditation who has undertaken a fulltime training course of at least six months in order to teach people how to meditate.

As important as the training they have undertaken and the level of experience in teaching people how to meditate, is finding the right form of meditation for you.

When seeking to learn how to meditate, you may come across many forms of meditation which involve concentration or forcing thoughts out of the mind.

These can cause strain and headache – which are to be avoided when learning how to meditate!

If one part of the mind is busy doing something and another part is trying to settle down, there is a potential conflict which is a barrier to learning how to meditate – whether in London or anywhere else.

It’s a bit like swimming on the spot on the surface of a lake –you can do it, but there is a lot of activity going on under the surface.

Similarly, another form of meditation which you may come across when learning  meditation in London, is contemplation.

In this form of meditation which you may come across in London, the mind is encouraged to think about a beautiful thought such as ‘peace’.

This is a bit like swimming round the edge of a lake – again you are engaging in activity which is a barrier learning how to meditate effectively.

The most simple, natural and effective form of meditation available is Transcendental Meditation. In TM meditation, it is like diving – you just take the right angle to let go and effortlessly slide into the silent depths of the mind.

 And this analogy of how Transcendental Meditation helps you to learn how to meditate is supported by medical research –  a study quoted in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, in 1989 found:

Transcendental Meditation is more than twice as effective for relieving the mental effects of stress as all other meditation and relaxation techniques.’

 So this is your essential starting place in learning how to meditate in London.

How to meditate

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