Health – Migraine and Headaches?

Try a natural way of having fewer headaches and migraines

Studies show that there is a reduction in the stress hormone, cortisol, during TM

Increased levels of cortisol are found in people suffering from anxiety and stress. Such high stress levels can lead to migraines and headaches.

How does TM help with headaches and migraines? Here’s what some students of TM say:

“I recommend it to all migraine sufferers”

“Last April, after 10 years without a migraine attack, I suffered a relapse.  My migraine attacks take the form of severely impaired vision (spots, inability to interpret human faces and text), nausea and vomiting, impaired verbal and cognitive functions, dizziness, exhaustion, and of course severe pain in the head.

“The next month I suffered another attack, then another the next month, and two the month after that, and so on with increasing frequency until by November there were weekly or twice weekly.

“As each attack leaves me unwell for three days, I was basically becoming complete incapacitated and unable to function in daily life.

TM reduces stress

Plasma cortisol is a stress hormone. This study shows that plasma cortisol decreased during Transcendental Meditation, whereas it did not change significantly in control subjects during ordinary relaxation.

* Reference: Adrenocortical activity during meditation, Hormones and Behaviour 10(1): 54-60,1978.

“I had read about TM before, and I was interested in trying it for the creative benefits (I’m a creative myself and professionally I manage a creative studio and am always looking for ways to improve the process).

“At this time last November, I was desperate and I had learned that TM has stress management and health benefits as well. I was determined to get better and to try all means at my disposal.

“I had been limiting caffeine intake and doing all the standard things which are advisable for migraine sufferers, but it wasn’t enough.

“I was certain that stress was a contributing factor to the migraines, and it seemed that meditation would be a good way to alleviate this factor as well.

“So, in early December I trained with Maura McCann to learn TM.  She was really wonderful and patient, and I felt some relief to the exhaustion almost straight away after the first long weekend of training.  Basically, I then begin meditation twice a day, and I’ve not had a single migraine attack since.  To be fair, I did try some other approaches at the same time, but I do definitely credit the meditation and the restfulness and health benefits it brought about above the magnetic bracelets.

“I recommend it to all migraine sufferers, and I’ve spoken to my GP about it since as I feel that it should be prescribed to others in my same situation.

“Please do let me know if I can be of any further assistance. I would love to help get the message out there, because I know how debilitating life with migraines can be and I hate to think of others suffering when something as simple and natural as TM twice a day can help.”

– Amanda Leat, TM meditator.

“I don’t give myself a hard time any more”

“A few years ago I was put in a high pressure situation which resulted in a lot of stress. I suffered from migraines and frequent colds.

“Physically and mentally I was run down. I learnt TM at the suggestion of a friend and it was like the difference between night and day. I felt less stress and I became more able to cope. Life became less of a struggle and more enjoyable. I now deal with problems more easily – I have a better perspective and keep things in proportion. I don’t give myself a hard time any more. TM frees up my energy, and I’ve particularly noticed that more avenues have opened up both at work and in my friendships.”

Ellen Brush, Publishing Director, Axon Publishing.

“Transcendental Meditation dissolves stress”

“The deep rest of Transcendental Meditation dissolves stress, providing relief from a wide range of stress-related and psychosomatic conditions. By stopping stress from accumulating, Transcendental Meditation prevents illness and creates a basis for good health.

“At a deeper level, Transcendental Meditation restores the innate balance of the physiology. When the mind and body can function properly, the natural intelligence within the body can function properly, strengthening the immune system and the other self-repair mechanisms that naturally protect against disease.”

Dr. William Weir, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Royal Free Hospital.

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