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True wisdom lies in discovering who we really are; we are not our thoughts, our worries, even our successes, but far more – at the quietest level of the mind we connect with that infinite creativity, energy and intelligence which is everywhere in Nature.

We experience this as pure consciousness ; a state in which the mind is open, aware, unbounded, blissful – resting in itself like a wave which has settled down and become the ocean. When we return to activity we have more of the qualities of that state of mind; we feel clearer, more connected, energised and ready to express that intelligence in whatever we do.

Growth of inner coherence during TM

EEG coherence increases between and within the cerebral hemispheres during Transcendental Meditation.The chart on the left shows that for a 2-week meditator, EEG coherence increased during the period of meditation.

The chart on the right, of a 2-year meditator, shows high levels of coherence even before meditation began, spreading of coherence to high and lower frequencies about half way through the meditation period, and continuing high coherence even after meditation.

*Reference I: The Coherence Spectral Array (COSPAR) and its application to the study of spatial ordering in the EEG, Proceedings of the San Diego Biomedical Symposium 15: 1976.

*Reference II: Electrophysiologic characteristics of respiratory suspension periods occurring during the practice of the Transcendental Meditation programme, Psychosomatic Medicine 46: 267-276, 1984.

TM dissolves the tension and stress in our system, allowing us to experience pure consciousness. Over time this grows, so that in activity we are fully aware, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The growth in our ability to experience pure consciousness – our Self beyond thoughts, feelings and our outer trappings – can be measured by the increase in brain orderliness which, according to EEG tests, increases in the brain during TM.

“I have more energy almost to the point of exhilaration.”

“I’ve been very interested in personal development for a number of years and decided to learn TM recently after reading about it in a book. The effects of it have already been remarkable. I have a lot more energy almost to the point of exhilaration. I’m also much more composed.

“From the first day my mind has been clearer so I’m more efficient – things fall into place more easily.

“TM has accelerated my development considerably.

“I have a broader vision and a new thirst for knowledge.The beauty of TM is that I can do it anywhere – at home, in the office…it’s particularly enjoyable in an aeroplane!”

Henk van Wouw, Head of Environmental Affairs, Shell International Petroleum.

“A state of inner coherence and calm”

“The TM technique simply and naturally allows the mind to settle down to experience a state of inner coherence and calm during which time the left and right hemispheres, and the front and back of the brain, begin to work in harmony with each other.

“This brain wave coherence has been correlated with improvements in memory, problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

“This change in brain functioning also affects the rest of the physiology, reducing high blood pressure, strengthening the heart, and overall improving health.”

– Gary Kaplan, M.D., Ph.D.Neurologist,New York University Medical School.

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