Anton Douglas

– Anton Douglas, Vice President (Emerging Markets), Credit Suisse UK “I have just arrived back from a weeks trip to Kazakhstan….lots of late nights / early mornings as a result of travel times and logistical difficulties / time zone changes … Continue reading

Terry Freedman

– Terry Freedman, Head of E-Education, Tower Hamlets Borough Council. What made you decide to learn TM? “Well, two things. I saw an article in the paper which was talking about all the benefits and so on, physiological benefits, psychological … Continue reading

William Weir

– Dr. William Weir, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Royal Free Hospital. “The deep rest of Transcendental Meditation dissolves stress, providing relief from a wide range of stress-related and psychosomatic conditions. By stopping stress from accumulating, Transcendental Meditation prevents illness and … Continue reading

Marc Wilkinson

– Marc Wilkinson, Advertising Consultant, Edinburgh. “TM has given me a sense of inner comfort with myself which has changed my life. I am now so much more confident than before. TM also gives me a lot of energy and … Continue reading

Iain Byers

– Iain Byres, Senior Manager, Information Technology, Fife. “When I was introduced to TM, I was working under tremendous pressure. Within a short time after learning, everything changed for the better. I found I was able to cope much better. … Continue reading

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