Trevor Evans

– Trevor Evans, Managing Director, OKO Group “In the morning TM clears the mind and as a result you can see very clearly what you have to do, while remaining calm and full of energy. “Before learning I used to … Continue reading

Beverley Galloway

– Beverley Galloway, Quality Engineer. “Since learning TM I have been more successful and happier. It has enabled me to balance the demands of the three major roles in my life: wife, mother, and a responsible job in industry. I … Continue reading

Keith Bennett

– Keith Bennett, Independent Business Consultant, Perthshire. Keith Bennett is an independent business consultant from Dunblane, Perthshire. In 1993, the recession hit and as his business and financial problems increased so did his stress levels. He was constantly exhausted, eating … Continue reading

Alex Yellowlees

– Dr. Alex Yellowlees, Consultant Psychiatrist. “I’ve been practising TM for about 4 years and I find daily meditation an essential way to reduce work stress. TM helps me to focus my mind more clearly and improve my general sense … Continue reading

Deborah Wright

– Deborah Wright, Novelist “I first learnt Transcendental Meditation because my mother had been practising it, and because I was taking my exams at school and I was starting to get stressed, even though I was only 14. I also … Continue reading

Henk von Wouw

– Henk von Wouw, Head of Environmental Affairs, Shell International Petroleum. “I’ve been very interested in personal development for a number of years and decided to learn TM recently after reading about it in a book. The effects of it … Continue reading

Max Rosen

– Max Rosen, Managing Director, Securitised Endowment Contracts Plc “I can honestly say that since learning TM I’ve hardly been ill at all. I originally learnt TM purely out of curiosity. I work in a high pressure environment and find … Continue reading

Marion Roden

– Dr. Marion Roden, Occupational Physician, SmithKline Beecham. “I still find it amazing that a technique that is as effortless as cutting butter with a hot knife can be so powerful in its effects. “Since I started Transcendental Meditation I … Continue reading

Tom Pringle

– Tom Pringle, Science Educator. “TM helps me get through my work a lot more easily and a lot more smoothly than before. I find I worry less and am more confident – especially in difficult situations. “If I am … Continue reading

Jill Greenacre

– Jill Greenacre, Television Actress “I meditate twice a day. It’s brought me inner stillness and peace, clarity of mind and much sharper intuition. I think I look 10 years younger than 35 and I believe that’s due to TM. … Continue reading

Frances Donald

– Frances Donald, Student, Edinburgh University. “The reason I learned TM in September 1997 was to help and eventually cure chronic psoriasis. After about 10 days, I began to notice less itching and that it seemed to look slightly better. … Continue reading

Professor Huw Dixon PhD

– Prof Huw Dixon PHD, Professor of Economics, York University “I have been following the research on the Maharishi Effect as it has developed over the last twenty years. “There is now a strong and coherent body of evidence showing … Continue reading

Hazel Collins

– Hazel Collins, Chief Executive, Ellishelen Ltd “In the past I could never relax – I always felt that I should be doing something. With TM I have learnt to enjoy deep relaxation without feeling guilty. After using TM my … Continue reading

Ellen Brush

– Ellen Brush, Publishing Director, Axon Publishing “A few years ago I was put in a high pressure situation which resulted in a lot of stress. I suffered from migraines and frequent colds. “Physically and mentally I was run down. … Continue reading

Reverend John Ansell

– Rev John Ansell, Anglican Vicar “For more than 20 years now, I have practiced Transcendental Meditation and it is as a result of the regular practice of this innocent technique that I have come to a deeper awareness of … Continue reading

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