‘Why go on a Transcendental Meditation weekend retreat?’

Sometimes TM students ask me: ‘Why go on a TM weekend retreat?’

Here is what I say!:

  • Because your meditation is going really well and you’d like to try having an even deeper experience and learning more about the background to TM.

On a TM residence course you’ll have the chance to do more meditation than we usually do, which results in deeper experiences.  And there are discussions and videos about the background and theory of TM, with plenty of time to ask questions.

  •  Because you really enjoy your meditation but don’t seem to get the time to do it regularly – or even at all.

A weekend away from your daily pressures can be just the thing to get into the habit of meditating regularly, and is a perfect way to restart if it’s been a while.

Because your meditation is not going well.  Perhaps you’re finding it difficult or boring?

A weekend will give us time to answer your questions, sort out your difficulties and get you enjoying your meditation again.  When done correctly, TM should always be easy, effortless and relaxing.

  • Because you just need a break.

There’s nothing better than a TM residence course for a complete break which will recharge your batteries and send you back with a spring in your step. Stay in comfortable B&B accommodation, eat delicious food, meet some friendly and congenial people and get a really, really deep rest.

Interested?  Want to know more?  Want to book? Our next weekend course is June 7-9. Email us, or ring us.  Or book direct with Annie Renwick, Maharishi Garden Village Course Office: info@peacepalace.org.uk, 01394 421 136, but let us know when you have done so, so we know who is coming.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Lesley and Michael


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