Transcendental Meditation and watching Tottenham Hotspur.

It is not well known that watching Tottenham Hotspur is a spiritual exercise. Maintaining one’s equanimity despite the ups and downs of your club’s performance would test the detachment of Buddha. As they say, it’s not the disappointment that kills you, it’s the hope.

Unfortunately, I have yet to attain Buddha status and am frequently raised to the heights – we go one up against Arsenal – and then dashed to the depths – we lose 5:2.

Only Transcendental Meditation (TM) helps me maintain my sanity and youthful looks in such stressful situations. A quick dive into a deeply relaxing, balmy stillness restores me after torture such as that recently experienced at the Emirates or prepares me beforehand for whatever my team – or the ref – throws at me.

You can learn Transcendental Meditation at any approved London TM meditation centre. My centre is in Mill Hill, North London, and we run regular courses in Transcendental Meditation for beginners.

I can’t promise that learning to meditate will improve your team’s performance, but it will help you to survive the ‘slings and arrows’ of their outrageous performances.

Michael Jon Pierce

Approved Teacher of Transcendental Meditation


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