Transcendental Meditation and Bliss

There are perhaps many forms of bliss:

Lying all spent and mutually satisfied in your lover’s arms; watching your team score the winning goal; the thrill of touching the Absolute in deep meditation….

Yesterday when playing golf I had a moment of completeness. The grass was firm beneath my feet, the birds were singing, the sun was shining, a deep stillness and completeness centred me and, at that moment, I knew everything was perfect. This is how things were meant to be. The could be no better.

It didn’t last that long. Probably until I scuffed my next shot. But this sense of perfect centredness and stillness is what comes at first fleetingly during Transcendental Meditation, then for longer, and then increasingly during activity. One day I hope it will be there all the time during waking, sleeping and dreaming, 24 hour bliss!

Jai Guru Dev.


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