Transcendental Meditation – a royal wedding of spirit and body

At a time when weddings are at the forefront of public attention, it  is worth giving some attention to what might be the highest form of marriage – that between spirit and body.

In Transcendental Meditation we experience finer and finer levels of thinking until we go finer than the finest and experience pure consciousness. In this state the mind has transcended surface awareness and is perfectly still but fully awake. This state is also called transcendental consciousness – transcendental because we have transcended thinking and reached the simplest yet most profound form of awareness; hence the name for our form of meditation: Transcendental Meditation. This state of consciousness is very soothing to the mind which has come to rest from all its restless seeking, in fact another name for it is bliss consciousness because it is so pleasant.

You could also describe this experience of transcending as one of pure spirituality – the mind has moved from the surface values of relative experience – where everything is constantly changing – to the absolute area of life where all is still, unchanging, and unmanifest. It is as if one was looking at a flower and one’s powers of perception were constantly improving so that, in the beginning, all one could see were the surface values – the leaves, the thorns, the petals etc – and then one gradually began to be able to see beyond that to the unmanifest level – the sap percolating every aspect of the flower but hidden from view – the level of pure spirituality. This is the path of the mind when doing  Transcendental Meditation – one moves from the choppy waters of the surface of the mind to the calm harbour of the deepest depths of thought where thought is yet to begin.

Along with this refinement of thinking in Transcendental Meditation there is also a refinement of physiology. One’s breathing becomes softer and softer until, at the point of transcending, it may even appear to pause. And, as well as refinement of breathing, there are a whole battery of other indicators of physiological restfulness  which improve during meditation. This is because mind and body are linked – when the mind is completely still, so will be the body.

So in Transcendental Meditation both mind and body can achieve a simultaneous refinement  of experience which is deeply enjoyable and nourishing. Practised regularly, this leads to  a long term relationship between the inner and outer aspects of life which is  harmonious, satisfying and ultimately enlightened.


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