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Dear All

I have been sent details of a Young Meditators Conference to be held in Greece September 5-13 2014.It’s geared at people between 18-35 and the blurb says:

“This assembly is designed to unfold your full potential and to develop greater creativity for success in life. It will bring together Meditators from all around Europe, building on the great success of previous assemblies in Spain, Croatia and Italy.”

A meditation retreat by the sea in Greece with other young people – sounds good to me! More info available from me as I receive it.

I am also told that there will also be a 1 week TM summer course in Suffolk this summer from Friday 22-Friday 29th August. Details from 01394 421136

On the subject of young people, please find below a link to a short video which interviews kids and teachers at a school in Los Angeles where TM is on the curriculum – very inspiring!—directed-by-judy-greer—in-short-518210173

Talking of inspiration, it is also very inspiring for us to hear your progress after we have taught you – do please take the time to fill in the short Evaluation form we send you – and, if things are not going so well, we want to hear from you too so we can fix things for you! Here is one we just received from Jaideep:

1) How convenient was the location of the course?

Very convenient and good atmosphere.

2) How did you find the instruction? Was there any way in which it could have been improved?.


3) How did you find communicating with the centre? Was what we sent you clear? Could you get hold of us when you needed to?.

yes all clear and good

4) What benefits do you get from your meditation?.

peace of mind, clarity and sense of being…

Have a good summer!

Best wishes



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