Read this new article on TM and health

I was so pleased to see Dr. Roger Chalmers’s new article on transcendental meditation and health.  Roger is a medical doctor who’s been involved in TM for many years.

The article’s been published in the January issue of an online magazine Positive Health (, which is available free on the internet. The thing I like is that it summaries the research on TM and health, and also has a footnote pointing to the publication of each piece of research in a scientific journal.  So the scientifically-minded can  follow up the original article, and for the rest of us, there’s a lot of information brought together.  The article is brief because, apparently, there’s a strict word limit, but it’s still very informative.

There’s a good diagram at the beginning of the article, showing a meta-analysis of different stress reduction programmes for high blood pressure. You can really see the difference between TM and some relaxation techniques you might try for high blood pressure.


The article’s quite wide-ranging – it includes things like quality of life for women with breast cancer, psychological health, and integration of brain functioning.

When you read through the research, it’s amazing to see how impressive it is when you bring it all together. 

I hope to be blogging regularly now, so more soon… Lesley


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