My Journey with Transcendental Meditation by Lauren Vaknine– Part 5: Attending a Meditators’ Meeting

I’m such a morning person. Perhaps that’s the reason I find it so easy to wake up and meditate straight away without falling back to sleep. Once I’m up, I’m up! This bodes well for me for my morning meditation because who has time to wake up slowly, then move around a bit to make sure you’re up, perhaps do some stretches then sit down to do your meditation when you’re ready?! I certainly don’t! All that’s in my head in the mornings is I have to meditate, get showered and ready, make a fresh juice (cleaning that juicer is the bane of my life) and walk the dogs all before I start my day. It just feels like one big list of chores that have to be done before my day can start so it is a nice help that as soon as I wake up, I can move straight into meditation.

For the same reasons, I really hate going out in the evenings during the week. My husband wakes up at 5am every day so we tend to go to bed really early and if we make plans during the week then we really don’t get to spend too much time together. Because of this I was finding the evening meditation meetings difficult. My days are so jam-packed that by the evening I’m knackered and all I want to do, if I’m honest (and I’m aware that I’m making myself sound way older than my 30 years), is sit and watch a TV programme or get into bed and read a book.

I told my coach that the evening meetings were becoming increasingly difficult for me (we meet every few weeks), so he suggested I come to a daytime meditators meeting. I have the luxury of working from home so I jumped at this opportunity and went along to a Thursday lunchtime meeting.

Apart from the appealing time, it was really interesting to meet other people not from my original group who were fairly new to TM. Because it was more laid back, we were able to catch up over a cup of tea (Maharishi Tea, to be exact. Who knew such a thing existed?!) before we started.

One of the guys in the group had that week been on a weekend TM retreat and it was interesting to hear about his experiences. He seemed to learn a lot and it made me want to look into it. Some of the other people seemed a bit more advanced in their knowledge and so it was nice to get feedback from them when we spoke about how we were doing in our meditations.

I also met a new coach, the first female one I’d met, and again, it was refreshing to get a new approach to it. We had the time to really go through everything and for everyone to explain how they were doing. The coach taught us some yoga asanas at the end which were really great to learn and nothing felt rushed.

All in all it felt more like meeting up with like-minded friends at a familiar place to have a catch up and a short group meditation.

It was a really good experience that refreshed my knowledge and inspired me to continue on in this meditation path. And inspiration is always needed when modern life gets in the way and we wonder if we have time to do this or that particular meditation, – ‘surely missing one won’t hurt will it?’ But it does – well, it doesn’t hurt! – but you notice the difference in the way you are and the way you feel. Although my morning routine has always felt like a chore, it is now starting to feel like part of my day instead of ‘the things I have to do before my day starts’, the meditation is the start of my day, the juice is giving me energy and nutrients and going to the park with my dogs is not only good for my health to be out in the fresh air getting some exercise, but it’s good for the soul. Meditation has changed my perspective.

If I look back and reflect upon the past six weeks, I can say hand on heart that TM has changed me for the better. I have noticed that I am calmer with others, even if they are shouting I’ll keep lowering my voice until they mirror me and do the same. This is good for both me and the other person involved. I am sleeping really well and I have increased concentration.

I’d say that those things are reason enough to continue on with this lifestyle. If all that has happened in six weeks, I’m looking forward to seeing what I am like this time next year.

By Lauren Vaknine

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