How Transcendental Meditation Can Help You Find Inner Peace

We live in a very fast-paced world, so we are constantly in a hurry in our strife to achieve success. However, if we want to be more productive, we need to get rid of disturbing or distracting thoughts, as they make us stressed and negatively affect our mental health. In other words, we need to attain the state of inner peace, so that our minds can remain calm and composed in any situation.

Inner peace is not just for yogis, ascetics, or monks who live in remote locations. People who lead a normal life can also achieve this state with the help of Transcendental Meditation.

Transcendental Meditation promotes a sense of tranquillity in both the mind and the body, according to scientific studies. Scientists have discovered that the profound physiological rest achieved by TM practise helps the body to eliminate ingrained tension and tiredness. When your nervous system is less agitated, you can respond to everyday stress more efficiently. According to research, TM promotes a better stress response and decreases anxiety, despair, and even effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, resulting in inner tranquillity, improved concentration, and better brain functioning.

The concept of transcendental meditation is straightforward. Instead of focusing on undesirable thoughts, you effortlessly experience a mantra or sound provided as part of your training. The secret to this mantra is that it has no significance for you other than the sound it makes. Your mind has a conscious cognitive reaction to a word if it has a meaning for you. This inhibits your ability to enter a contemplative state.

However, experiencing the syllables in your mantra takes you inwards away from disturbing ideas. You quietly repeat it to yourself. As you do so, the mantra acts as a doorway, directing your mind into a state of greater awareness.

When you achieve this tranquil condition of restful wakefulness twice a day, every day, it becomes more stable in your physiology over time, and your inner serenity becomes progressively unshakeable.

True inner peace is a stable condition of serenity, awareness, and pure consciousness. Transcendental Meditation allows you to effortlessly experience the refinement of the mantra until it disappears and you are left with your inner self, which is pure consciousness.

You don’t have to go to the woods or give up your normal activities to reach such tranquillity. Hundreds of scientific studies reveal that twice-daily TM practise produces this serene condition of restful alertness naturally – in mind and body.

This is what makes transcendental meditation so easy for individuals who normally find it difficult to meditate. Experienced instructors at Transcendental Meditation North West London & Herts will guide you through the meditation process and will help you to find your personalised mantra. This mantra will serve as a tool for your mind to focus on and you will get closer to a state of pure consciousness as you repeat it in your thoughts.

Once you’ve found your mantra, it’s recommended that you meditate for 15-20 minutes at least twice a day. You are not required to dress or sit in a specific manner. Simply sit in a comfortable position, keep your eyes closed, and repeat your mantra in your thoughts, trying to focus your attention more on the mantra sound.


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