Government move against herbal remedies!

Just received – email for assistance re Government move against herbal remedies – have the drugs industry been at it again?!

Subject: Request for assistance with UK herbalist statutory regulation campaign
Importance: High

Dear all

You may already be aware that we went live with a new campaign on Wednesday:

In short, we’ve heard that the UK government is on the verge of a spectacular U-turn on statutory regulation (SR) of UK herbalists.

In the absence of SR, and if the government reforms the existing legislation to end the herbalist’s exemption in UK law that has existed since 1968, herbal medicine practitioners may well lose the ability to prescribe individualised formulae to patients following a one-to-one consultation.

We need as many people as possible to write to their MPs in the next 2 weeks, asking them to urge the government not to break its promise on SR ­or at least, to give its assurance that it won’t repeal the UK-specific exemption.

Although this is primarily a practitioner issue, it does also increasingly affect independent health food stores given that more and more are circumventing herbal restrictions by employing herbalists to do ‘mini’ consultations that permit the sale of certain products to the public via the exemption. Ensuring that UK herbalists achieve SR will therefore help to ensure and maximise the free flow of the highest-quality botanical products in this country direct to those who need them and want them most.

Bearing all this in mind, we would like to appeal for assistance with what’s likely to be a short and sharp campaign? Distributing the information via your stores and online networks would be an enormous boost to the campaign, and would be a big step in getting many extra voices heard in Westminster. We are also trying to gain support from NAHS but so far have been unsuccessful in raising anyone.

Since the decision is expected within 2 weeks, time is of the essence.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. We would be very happy to discuss strategies for this, and can send you later today an A5 flyer that could be printed and sent to health stores for subsequent distribution to the public.

With best wishes

Adam Smith

Communications Officer

Alliance For Natural Health International


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