Diary date – w/e meditation retreat with Michael and Lesley June 7-9

Dear All

Lesley and I are leading a TM weekend retreat in Suffolk on June 7-9. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of a lot of tiredness, deepen your experience of transcending in meditation, and learn more about how meditation can bring greater happiness and fulfilment to life. I can also recommend the food and the company! There is a range of accommodation available to meet all needs and purses….Do come and join us. Weekend courses are the building blocks of greater progress in meditation. The longer and deeper meditations under the supervision of experienced teachers really give your practice a boost.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to know more about weekend courses.  When you’ve made your decision, please apply direct to Annie Renwick, Maharishi Garden Village Course Office: info@peacepalace.org.uk, 01394 421 136, but let us know when you have done so, so we know who is coming.

You may also be interested to know that Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation® and Maharishi® Vedic Vibration Technology will be available in London, 4 – 8 May.

Maharishi® Vedic Experts, Mr and Mrs Rout, will be visiting London in May before they return to India. This will be the last opportunity until the Autumn to take these Advanced Programmes in London.

Advanced Techniques act as fertilisers, enriching the experience of daily meditation and speeding up the process of personal growth and development in every part of daily life.  They allow more profound absorption of pure consciousness in our awareness and more support of nature, which we experience as the fulfilment of desires in daily life.

MVVT is a unique and elegant nonmedical approach to chronic health conditions that works by realigning your physiology with Nature’s healing intelligence through the subtle use of Vedic sounds. Migraine, arthritis, back pain, anxiety, depression and eczema are among the many chronic conditions that have been alleviated by this gentle, non-invasive technology.

Finally, Dr Amit Arora, leading expert on Ayur Veda is available for consultations in London on May 14-15.

For details of Advanced Techniques, MVVT, and Dr Arora, please contact Jonathan Leslie at Shepherds Bush TM Centre, 0208 749 5442, mail@tm-london.org.uk.

Finally, for any queries, problems, or simply to refresh your meditation, please contact us for a TM check.  Checking, which takes 45 minutes to an hour, cost £40 (£20 for concessions) but are free in your first year of meditating.

With best wishes

Michael and Lesley.


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