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Please find some details below of Advanced TM Programmes.

Mr and Mrs Pradhan will be offering Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation®, Maharishi® Vedic Vibration Technology (MVVT), the TM-Sidhi Programme®, the TM-Sidhi Refresher Course and TM-Sidhi Programme Checks.

London Shepherds Bush TM Centre

•    Advanced Techniques: 26-27 October

•    MVVT: 28-30 October

Tel: 0208 749 5442


Advanced Techniques act as fertilisers, enriching the experience of daily meditation and speeding up the process of personal growth and development in every part of daily life.

Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology uses the ancient technology of subtle Vedic Sounds to enliven the inner intelligence of the physiology and restore health and well-being.

The TM-Sidhi Programme cultures the ability to think and act from the most silent level of the mind – Transcendental Consciousness.

The TM-Sidhi Refresher Course and TM-Sidhi Checks provide an opportunity to refresh the understanding and experience of the TM-Sidhi Programme.

Please find below the details of the next TM-Sidhi Course in the UK:

TM-Sidhi Course 2014 at  Maharishi European Sidhaland, Lancashire

Orientation Weekend:   29 November – 1 December 2013

 Part 1

7-9 February

7-9 March

2-4 May

 Part 2

25 July – 8 August

For further details on these programmes and dates and locations please visit:

For general enquires please contact the National TM Communications Office,

Tel: 01695 51213, Email:

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