Transcendental Meditation is not

A lifestyle: There is no need to change one’s lifestyle to start TM. No dietary restrictions, no special clothes, no sandals!

A philosophy or system of beliefs: No belief is needed for TM to work, not even a belief in the technique itself. It’s not necessary to understand Newton’s law of gravity in order to fall!

A religion: Transcendental Meditation does not involve any religious belief or practice. People of all religions learn TM, including many ministers, rabbis, and priests who recommend it to their congregations.

Concentration: Concentration is a rigid fixing of the mind on one particular point, holding the attention there for as long as possible. Concentration is not a part of Transcendental Meditation.

Contemplation: Contemplation is thinking about something (a problem, a philosophical idea) or just letting the mind wander along without any particular direction. TM is a very specific practice, very different from contemplation, reflection, or day-dreaming.

And finally……..Transcendental Meditation is not difficult!

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