American Heart Association Recommends TM

New report by   American Heart Association informs doctors that Transcendental   Meditation lowers blood pressure A report   from the American Heart Association published on April 22 2013 concluded that   the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique lowers blood pressure, … Continue reading

‘Why go on a Transcendental Meditation weekend retreat?’

Sometimes TM students ask me: ‘Why go on a TM weekend retreat?’ Here is what I say!: Because your meditation is going really well and you’d like to try having an even deeper experience and learning more about the background … Continue reading

Diary date – w/e meditation retreat with Michael and Lesley June 7-9

Dear All Lesley and I are leading a TM weekend retreat in Suffolk on June 7-9. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of a lot of tiredness, deepen your experience of transcending in meditation, and learn more about how … Continue reading

Transcendental Meditation and Bliss

There are perhaps many forms of bliss: Lying all spent and mutually satisfied in your lover’s arms; watching your team score the winning goal; the thrill of touching the Absolute in deep meditation…. Yesterday when playing golf I had a … Continue reading

Transcendental Meditation and watching Tottenham Hotspur.

It is not well known that watching Tottenham Hotspur is a spiritual exercise. Maintaining one’s equanimity despite the ups and downs of your club’s performance would test the detachment of Buddha. As they say, it’s not the disappointment that kills … Continue reading

A Meditator’s Story

I thought you would enjoy Jeremy Strong’s story.  Jeremy started meditating when he discovered he had high blood pressure, but now feels TM gives him so much more than that. Jeremy has published almost 60 books for children during a … Continue reading

Read this new article on TM and health

I was so pleased to see Dr. Roger Chalmers’s new article on transcendental meditation and health.  Roger is a medical doctor who’s been involved in TM for many years. The article’s been published in the January issue of an online magazine Positive Health (, which … Continue reading

Transcendental Meditation – TM program improves learning and behavior in San Francisco schools

Powerful changes are taking place in some of San Francisco’s most troubled schools as a result of the Quiet Time program and the Transcendental Meditation technique. In Visitacion Valley Middle School, students practicing the TM® technique for 15 minutes, twice … Continue reading

Clint Eastwood, Russell Brand and David Lynch Join Meditation Project

Russell Brand and Katy Perry joined David Lynch and a host of other Hollywood stars at a glittering benefit event in New York last night to help bring a therapeutic meditation technique to thousands of war veterans suffering from stress … Continue reading

Oprah’s TV show creates record interest in Transcendental Meditation

Oprah’s recent TV show featuring Transcendental Meditation and the town of Fairfield, Iowa, where thousands practise the technique each day, has generated immense interest in Transcendental Meditation in the USA, where the edition of the Next Chapter show reached an … Continue reading

TM so mainstream! – New Indie article.

It has been commnented for some time that meditation is becoming more and more a mainstream activity – helped considerably by the stream of published research in respected journals on the benefits to the mind and body. What happens is that a … Continue reading

Transcendental Meditation brings inner and outer peace

News today that violent crime in America has fallen to its lowest levels in nearly 40 years may have baffled authorities but comes as yet another confirmation of the effectiveness of the “Invincible America Assembly” at Maharishi University of Management … Continue reading

Transcendental Meditation – new research on TM and mental health

World-renowned psychiatrist and scientist Dr Norman Rosenthal gave two special presentations last week of his latest pioneering research on Transcendental Meditation in London. These studies relate to two conditions very much in the public awareness at this time: bipolar disorder … Continue reading

Transcendental Meditation – a royal wedding of spirit and body

At a time when weddings are at the forefront of public attention, it  is worth giving some attention to what might be the highest form of marriage – that between spirit and body. In Transcendental Meditation we experience finer and … Continue reading

Meditating on NHS health cuts

At a time of austerity when the NHS is having to find savings and yet the demand for those services is continuing to increase, it is worth looking at whether there are some alternative approaches to health care which might … Continue reading

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