One Day Meditation Retreat – October 12th

Dear All, Lesley and I would like to invite you to a one day meditation retreat on October 12th. The programme will include extra meditations with the powerful effect of group dynamics, some light yoga, some special video lectures and … Continue reading

Summer Course for Young People etc

Dear All I have been sent details of a Young Meditators Conference to be held in Greece September 5-13 2014.It’s geared at people between 18-35 and the blurb says: “This assembly is designed to unfold your full potential and to … Continue reading

My Journey with Transcendental Meditation by Lauren Vaknine– Part 5: Attending a Meditators’ Meeting

I’m such a morning person. Perhaps that’s the reason I find it so easy to wake up and meditate straight away without falling back to sleep. Once I’m up, I’m up! This bodes well for me for my morning meditation … Continue reading

My Journey with Transcendental Meditation by Lauren Vaknine – Part 4

In last week’s blog I spoke about the connection between TM and reduction of stress levels. This week, I’d like to speak about the connection between stress and physical illness. We’ve all heard that stress can make us ill, but … Continue reading

My Journey with Transcendental Meditation – Part 3 – by Lauren Vaknine

As I pointed out in my first blog, I have been practicing meditation in one form or another for around twelve years now. Although I never felt like I’d found ‘the one’ in terms of my choice of meditation technique, … Continue reading

My Journey with Transcendental Meditation – Part 2 – by Lauren Vaknine

Last week I touched on the profound experience I had very early on into my journey with TM and I promised that I would elaborate a bit so here we go! When I was seventeen I was sexually abused. My … Continue reading

My journey to learning Transcendental Meditation by Lauren Vaknine

I first came across the idea of meditation as a lifestyle twelve years ago, when I was eighteen and wheelchair-bound. I’d had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since the age of two. My amazingly spiritual parents had taken me first to healers, … Continue reading

Advanced TM programmes Available

Dear All Please find some details below of Advanced TM Programmes. Mr and Mrs Pradhan will be offering Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation®, Maharishi® Vedic Vibration Technology (MVVT), the TM-Sidhi Programme®, the TM-Sidhi Refresher Course and TM-Sidhi Programme Checks. London … Continue reading

New Study Shows Effectiveness for Transcendental Meditation in relieving anxiety

A new meta-analysis published today in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (2013;19(10):1-12)1 found the Transcendental Meditation® technique (TM) has a large effect on reducing trait anxiety for people with high anxiety. Trait anxiety is a measure of how … Continue reading

Some interesting articles on TM in the press

Dear All There have been some very interesting articles in the press lately. I am enclosing links to them below: The Totally Stressed-Out Man’s Guide to Meditation and Financial Times, 6:00pm Monday September 16th, 2013,  Zen and the art … Continue reading

Meditators Meetings at North West London TM Centre

Dear All, Here are the dates for the meditators’ meetings this autumn: Tuesday 17th September Tuesday 8th October Tuesday 26th November All the meetings run from 7.30 to 9.00 in the evening, and from 7.20 or thereabouts we have refreshments … Continue reading

Transcendental Meditation Improves Brain Function in ADHD Students

Finding it hard to concentrate? Got too much on your mind? TM can help. It helps the mind to establish itself in a calmness from which it is easier to be focussed. Even if you have Attention Deficit Disorder TM has … Continue reading

Exams go better with a Sixties mantra in mind – The Times June 12th 2013

Good news for kids with exams and their parents in the The Times today…..the following article was published today under the byline of William Chester: “Exams go better with a Sixties mantra in mind Transcendental Meditation can improve exam results … Continue reading

African refugees find relief from stress; TM study published in academic journal

“Before [Transcendental Meditation] I could not even imagine myself being capable of taking care of my children, of raising them. I used to think I should die and leave them behind. That is why I am so happy about TM. … Continue reading

Government move against herbal remedies!

Just received – email for assistance re Government move against herbal remedies – have the drugs industry been at it again?! Subject: Request for assistance with UK herbalist statutory regulation campaign Importance: High Dear all You may already be aware that … Continue reading

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